About us

Our NDIS experience

As parents to children with disabilities, we have spent a lot of time dealing with health professionals, assistance providers and government organisations. A lot of those times, we’ve had to battle to get any services, and then learn from others, or by trial and error, how to get the right services for our kids. We know how exciting, confusing and frustrating this journey sometimes is, and how overwhelming it can be for many people.

When we had our first plan with the NDIS, we could have really used someone to explain it all to us – a bite at a time. We learnt a lot of things the hard way, and since then we’ve shared a lot of that knowledge with others we’ve met along the way. Having had that lived experience, we’re able to share connections, tips and tricks with our clients – something that sets us apart from most other plan managers.

A younger AJ showing his infectious smile while on a swing
The cutie who started us off on our journey!
A younger AJ showing his infectious smile while on a swing
AJ Waiting Patiently
AJ sitting patiently on a bench while waiting to have a ride on the Elmore Miniature Railway

So Why Choose Us?

We have spent 20 years working in finance, and know the importance of doing a good job on time, the first time. Our goal is to reduce the time, the stress and the confusion that you may face when dealing with an NDIS plan, particularly if it’s your first one.

We lived in beautiful (but damp!) Huonville in southern Tasmania, before moving to Bendigo in regional Victoria. We understand first hand that not everywhere has the services of a capital city, and that sometimes you have to look for “out of the box” solutions for your family. Agency registered providers may be non-existent in your area, and being plan managed opens up the possibilities of who you can choose to have on your team. Without the added stress of having to self-manage everything!

Given the varied needs of our family members, we also understand that not everyone likes to communicate in the same way. If you don’t like talking to people on the phone, and would prefer emails or text messages – no problem.

Or maybe you prefer the traditional approach of being able to pick up the phone and get a real person on the other end. You won’t get automated phone systems or bots from us! All of us at OnTime are carers or people with disabilities ourselves, and we know that sometimes it helps just to be able to talk to someone on the phone, who can get things sorted for you.

If you’re in the Greater Bendigo region, we can see you face to face to get paperwork signed or explain your plan to you. We’re also happy to help you get in touch with local services, if you don’t have funding for support coordination in your plan.

Whatever works best for you – we’re here to work with you and for you.